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NeuroBalanced offers a revolutionary approach to mental health — an easy, at-home neurofeedback system that helps brain function and improves overall well-being. Our cutting-edge technology and guidance puts you in control of your mental health from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our neurofeedback can be done from the comfort of your home. You download the app, sign in using our clinic code, and away you go. The first session is answering several questions, an 8-minute game, and then your brain is mapped. Most clients do a session 3-4 times per week; each session lasts 15-18 minutes on average. Not only is it conveniently done at home and easy to use - it's a quick process that won't interfere with your busy schedule, taking less than an hour per week. Our clients have seen major improvements and have said it has "given their life back."

Our cost is 90% less than traditional methods! You aren't charged per use and have unlimited sessions per month — so now is the time for you, your brain and your well-being.

Getting started is a breeze! Simply purchase the equipment by clicking on 'I'm ready for my kit,' include the discount code in the notes section, and receive a $100 discount on the first month of services.