Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Clocks & Barrel Stave Craft Gifts

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Barrel Stave Clocks & Wall Decor - Square & Round Clocks - States, Seasonal & Animal Clocks

High-quality handcrafted woodwork both premade and custom-made by the hardworking Americans at Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained!

We are two creative friends who had a great time making unique and beautiful pieces of woodwork for our homes and for our friends. And, from that - a great new business was born. Our classic barrel stave furniture and gifts were the beginning of our business.

The idea grew and evolved into clocks and other gift ideas. Each item is handcrafted completely and individually from reclaimed wood and/or whiskey barrel staves. All pieces of wood are chosen to work together to create a beautiful theme. We use country, outdoor, rustic, and country French themes. We even have things for the guys, too!


Hill Country Clocks was the start of our website, and now we are adding to the “GIFT” line on the site with many lovely, functional, and fun gifts. Customizing is available on many of the clocks. All items are made in Kentucky and we have had success with our small shop spaces in Kentucky and Texas.

We have created many unique larger items, which are sold locally as well as the items on the website. We love buying American Made items and supporting those companies. Our values are aligned with conservative values.
We believe that “you never hit the ball that you don’t swing at” and our theme became: Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained

Established 2020 in rebellion against Covid.