Roxanne Tate Mosaics

Unique Mosaic Mirrors & Faith-Based Mosaic Art

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Mirrors - Wall Art - Crosses
Beautifully handcrafted stained glass home decor from Roxanne Tate Mosaics!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting!

Roxanne Tate Mosaics was created in 2011 when we needed to homeschool our dyslexic son. For the past 12 years, I have shipped stained glass mosaic mirrors throughout the US, Canada, and even Hawaii! I craft each piece by hand, including the custom construction of the frame, all from my home studio in Texas.

I am now expanding to offer uplifting and faith-based art pieces that you would be proud to share with a friend or loved one. Be sure to check out the adorable jewelry flowers that I hand assemble with glass beads, crystals, and silver-plated brass findings!

Each of my works is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using high-quality materials such as traditional stained glass, natural shell, slate, Preciosa crystals, and Czech-pressed glass beads. My mosaic mirrors have my unique process that includes copper and aluminum wire work.

Thank you to the Mammoth Nation community; we share your values! I am so happy to be here, and I thank you for your support.