Signer 57

56 Patriots Signed the Declaration of Independence - Be Signer 57!

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Patriotic Hoodies - T-Shirts
Our nation began with extreme sacrifice.

56 men signed their death warrants during a time of extreme upheaval. They believed our God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were endowed to us by the Creator and outside the tyrannical hand of any government of the day or the future.

Today’s tyranny requires a new signer … Signer57.

The British Crown took those 56 signatures at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence as an act of treason. The 56 signers knew this, and despite putting themselves directly in the crosshairs of The Crown, they signed anyway.

Would you have signed then?  Would you sign now?

Now more than ever, our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights - enshrined within our Constitution - are under extreme duress, not by external forces, but from within. In the last 30 years, we have seen a near complete erosion of our rights.

We created Signer57 to let those around us know we would stand with their sacrifice, we would stand with the 56, and we would have their backs, as Signer57.

Signer57 clothing and gear isn’t another gun or flag-focused company. We believe standing with their sacrifice is needed now more than ever. We believe that our founding fathers would be ashamed of what our great Nation has become, and we all must stand in that sacrifice they gave to push back on the tyranny in front of us today. All of our clothing sends a clear message of principle and reason - that our rights belong to us, free from the grip of any tyrant who may try to take them from us.

If we choose to roll over our First and Second Amendment rights, all will be lost.

It’s time to stand with their sacrifice - it’s time to let the world know you are Signer57.