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As Bold As You

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Women's - Men's - Toddler - Motherhood - Patriot - Homeschool - Christian - Western
Slate + Stone Designs is a small, family-owned American clothing brand located in Northern California, USA. We started with the idea that quality clothing should be simple, safe, and affordable. We focus on clean designs with fun, bold, patriotic, and inspiring sayings. We want our shirts to be bold, as bold as you! Capturing the cool vibe with solid designs on quality shirts—no cheap throwaway items here. We started with a toddler and baby line for our little ones when finding quality pieces not manufactured in China and full of chemicals was quite difficult. Since then, we have expanded to include women's, men's, and youth collections. All of our garments are designed and printed in the USA. Along with that, you can rest assured that not a single item we sell is manufactured in China! It's just not how we roll. Discover your new favorite basics brand with us; we've got something for everyone in the family, and we know you'll love your Slate + Stone Designs.

Our Direct-to-garment printing technique, or DTG printing, is a method that sprays ink onto the garment, very similar to printing on paper. The clothing fibers soak up the print, giving our garments a soft, comfortable feel for the wearer. No stiff, heavy shirts here! Our efficient printing with water-based vegan inks makes our prints non-toxic, ensuring the garments are safe for children and adults alike. The machines we use are incredibly energy efficient, producing zero wastewater. When you choose us, you make a sustainable choice for yourself and your family.

Our tagline is As Bold As You, because that is what Slate + Stone Designs is all about. That boldness, that fierce, rough around the edges, take no BS kind of vibe, is what we love. Our shirts are often very bold and outspoken. In this day and age, it's all about making your voice heard and making a statement. Now is not the time to sit idly by; it's time to speak up and let others know where you stand. If you are not speaking out, you are complicit. We help you take that bold stance with many of our outspoken shirts.