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Topical Solutions was started in 1988 by Rose Bianco in Bloomfield, NJ, as an Aromatherapy Company. She started using and formulating Essential Oils as a natural alternative to help her mother deal with severe pain after having two back surgeries. The Essential Oil formulas proved so successful that her mother, Sarah Goodwin, became an integral part of the company. Rose and her mother developed some truly amazing essential oil formulas, including an immune support formula to help HIV-positive individuals. Soon afterward, they received a grant from the Ryan White Foundation.

In 1995, Rose's husband, Charles Bianco, an Army Vet, asked her to help him create a foot cream to help him with the damaged feet he sustained during his time in the Army. Over the next year, we worked until we found the perfect combination of natural ingredients. These ingredients were formulated to moisturize, heal and protect. Within two weeks, we could not believe the improvement in his feet.

Over the next several years, Charles established a vendor route in many hospitals in the tri-state area, selling his foot care products. Doctors, nurses, and patients would purchase several jars to last them until they returned to the hospital. At that time, we decided to set up a website to fill in until he could return. In the meantime, we expanded the foot care line to include a foot soak, heel balm, and a cooling spray.

In 2003, we started supplying our products to podiatrists throughout the USA. When we moved from New Jersey to Alabama in 2011, our primary business was selling our foot care products to podiatrists. Thanks to Charles, our foot care products are veteran-owned, 100% natural, effective, and Podiatrist-Used/Podiatrist-Approved.

Every day, we strive to bring our valued customers the best products at affordable prices and a money-back guarantee. At Topical Solutions, you can actually speak to a person.