Visor Buddy

Visor Extender Shields Drivers Eyes From Sun Glare

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Sun Glare Protector
Born in Columbus, Mississippi, and growing up in the Deep South, Andrew "Visor Buddy" Orr decided to pursue a college degree some 6 hours away at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Those long hours of regularly driving to Tallahassee and back home again to visit friends and family created a laboratory of experience where the concept of Visor Buddy was born.

Rethinking Car Safety
As the saying goes: "Necessity is the mother of invention". When Andrew would make his drives northwest at dusk and southeast at dawn, he often found he was blinded by the glare of the sun, which produced dangerous driving conditions that no amount of fiddling with his car visors would fix, since his vehicle's visors had serious gaps that the sun's glare leaked through. It was unnerving. It was annoying. And most importantly, it was not safe. Andrew spent years questioning why auto manufacturers seemingly held driver's vision quality in such low esteem. Wonder turned to anger, anger to curiosity and curiosity to invention.

Born out of a desire to marry innovation with road safety, Visor Buddy is Andrew's answer to the problem posed by standard-issue car sun visors, which cannot be manually manipulated to cover those pesky gaps that allow the sun's rays to pour through. Even in the years since Andrew's college days, most cars are still not fitted with modern visors that go in all directions to cover gaps efficiently. Thus, we think over 50% of cars and trucks could benefit from Visor Buddy.

A Small Solution to a Big Problem
Today, Visor Buddy is an emerging brand within the sun glare industry and has 7 sun glare products either already on the market or currently in development. Known for our quality and affordability, Visor Buddy seeks to produce premium quality products at an affordable price point. While quality is very important to us, we hold the philosophy that we would rather produce a BMW that is dependable and accessible to all, rather than a Rolls Royce, which is unattainable to many. Striking that fine balance between durability and affordability is our top priority.

This philosophy allows us to save the most lives while keeping us in business so we can keep doing what we love: keeping you safe on the road (studies show that there is an 18% reduction in accident risk if you neutralize sun glare while driving).

A Man With a Mission
Visor Buddy products seek to save lives by improving motor safety in road vehicles. Andrew's priority is manufacturing products that are built to last while staying affordable and accessible to everyday drivers who wish to create a safer driving environment for themselves and their families.

Andrew currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife Angela, son Andrew Jr., and Chesapeake Retriever William.