We're The Wurst

Liberty Loving Sausages!

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Sausages - Apparel
Restaurant-quality, old-world sausages from We're The Wurst!

We are all about serving Christ and country through the simple work of making old-world sausages. Not only do we make authentic, intentional, restaurant-caliber sausages, but we have a track record of standing for liberty, faith, and the Constitution.

We refused to wear a mask, have been fined by OSHA, have had our USDA mark of inspection withdrawn by the federal government - at great cost financially, and have now been canceled by the radical local Antifa for going against the culture of victimhood.

You see, we truly believe that all men and women were created equal and that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is something to pass along to future generations.

We’re a small business out of Central Oregon, and we hope to win your business and keep it with the superior quality, customer service, and morals for which we stand. God bless you!