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I have always loved creating things. I have a background in photography and graphic design.

It use to bother me that after creating something for a client I would have to turn it over to someone else to make it real! Well, that all changed with the perfect woman!

I met my wife (she’s the perfect woman) and she happened to be quite the seamstress! She grew up sewing since her parents owned a garment shop.

She started making things and wanted to be able to personalize them so we bought a small single needle table top machine and I started playing with it. I then invested in the software to digitize for embroidery, and here we are today!

We now have a full service, all in house, 100% USA made little business specializing in embroidered patches and conservative themed accessories. It’s just the two of us working from a room in our home.

And it’s all because of the perfect woman!

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