Gizmo Gadgets Garage

Unique Handmade LED NEON Signs Made in America

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One-of-a-Kind LED NEON Signs
Unique handmade LED NEON signs made in America by veteran-owned Gizmo Gadgets Garage!

Gizmo Gadgets Garage is a family/veteran-owned and operated company located in the Scenic City of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Gizmo Gadgets Garage specializes in custom and personalized LED technology NEON signs. We consider our signs to be not just signs but really cool “Tech Art,” and we create each sign with love and pride!

Our signs are handcrafted here in Chattanooga, Tennessee overlooking the beautiful Lookout Mountain of “See Rock City” fame. We utilize large and small CNC routers, laser cutters, sublimation printing, enamel inlaying, and old-school sign-building techniques.

We are constantly exploring new methods and technologies to create our (and we hope soon to be yours) Tech Art.

We do stock some of our most popular signs (for example, TRUMP 2024), but most of our orders are custom jobs. We offer free design services and will work with you to get your desired final design. Mammoth Nation members receive a 10% discount with free domestic UPS shipping. We are popular so please allow 2 to 4 weeks for these custom projects.

Please visit our website, and check out our signs (including our cool, old-school animated signs) as well as a lot of other fun stuff. For example - the world’s only coin-activated, bicycle-driven, belt-powered overhead fan system with 6 - 6 ft diameter fans, or our miniature Aerial Tram Way! Or our LEGO miniature roller coasters! The Goodyear Blimp in miniature has also been seen slowly orbiting the shop. It’s all about fun.