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We live in an era where the food we put into our bodies comes from factories and is packed with chemicals whose names we can't even pronounce. Even things that seem simple, like beef or chicken, are often "augmented" with hormones and antibiotics. All of this has a downstream effect. And guess who's downstream......that's right, you and me.

Congratulations, because if you're here, it means you are looking into, or perhaps already, growing your own food. But there's another step. You need to know what you're putting into the food you grow. Fertilizers, pesticides, etc., can have the same harmful effects that mass-produced food can have. At Glacier Garden Organix, we take you back to the basics to restore the natural microbial diversity that helps plants flourish, makes food taste better, and, most importantly, not put anything harmful into what you eat. We believe in sustainability and being holistic in our approach.

We rely greatly on mycorrhizal fungi to fortify the products that we produce. Our team has been studying and commercially producing mycorrhizal products for over 50 years. These tiny, microscopic organisms are supposed to colonize and work in conjunction with over 85% of the plants on our planet. Unfortunately, in our efforts to eradicate diseases and enhance growth and production, we often eliminate all of the good organisms that were meant to be there from the beginning. Our products are all-natural, with no infused fertilizers. We don't produce our organisms in a lab. They are grown on host plants, harvested, and packaged for our customers. These products work for all plants, not just those that produce food. Your flowers will be bigger, and your house plants will be healthier too. If you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.