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High quality biomarkers made in America by MCG BioMarkers!

High quality biomarkers made in America by MCG BioMarkers MCG BioMarkers® - Formed in early 2009 out of a need to have a valid part or product, molded to show to prospective customers that do injection molding using virgin plastics making products for commercial, industrial and horticulture markets, that a BioComposites material could be used successfully as an alternative to the conventional materials. CEO and Founder, Sam McCord of MCG BioComposites LLC had many connections in the plastics industry and had a connection with an instructor of injection molding processing, tool and die building and product design at a local community college that agreed to do a short run using the new BioComposites material, that was a blend of reclaimed HDPE (80%) and a natural fiber, corn cob (20%). The purpose of this material was to help reduce the waste of plastics going to landfills and use a local biomass resource that provides reinforcement properties to the reclaimed HDPE. The tool or injection mold was a single cavity of a garden stake. After ten to twenty trial runs, the part produced very well and continued to make enough to use as an example of a finished product. Within two to three months the decision to commercialize the stake and form what is know the brand of MCG BioMarkers®.
High quality biomarkers made in America by MCG BioMarkers
What Makes the BioMarkers® Uniquely Different?

  •Patented Design in the USA – very robust
  •Proprietary material – BioComposites which meets most sustainable requirements of organizations. Durable, weatherproof and UV stabilized and long-lasting
  •GREEN THUMB Award 2012
  •Privately owned, Veteran Owned
  •Made in USA
  •Only company producing in the USA and Canada

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