Organic REV

Premium Liquid Organic Plant Food

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Healthier, stronger plants every time with the liquid organic plant food from Organic REV!

Organic REV is a premium liquid organic plant food proven to grow healthier plants. We are a veteran-owned family business located in Boerne, Texas. REV is easy to use and creates visible results almost immediately. We are committed to eliminating the need for toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and improving the quality of our soil and plants.

Organic REV is derived from a highly unique organic material harvested in our North Dakota property and then bottled in Texas so that we can ship year-round. We take pride in producing a truly unique product that is proven to produce healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants. If you do not have a green do now!

REV is 100% organic and goes to work immediately‚ÄĒimproving soil biology, increasing root mass, and improving your plant's ability to utilize nutrients and water. The results will astound you! It doesn't matter what you plant; adding REV to flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and lawns will result in vibrant plants that THRIVE! REV is proudly made in the USA!