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Turf Cleaning Products

High-quality synthetic turf cleaner from veteran-owned OxyTurf!

Welcome to the OxyTurf Family!! We are America's favorite Synthetic Turf Care Products company! How clean is your turf? It's not...Synthetic turf is a breeding ground for harmful and odor-causing contaminants. Like real grass, synthetic turf encounters dirt, sludge, spills, food, slobber, sweat, urine, animal droppings & other types of filth. From pet turf to athletic fields and playgrounds to gym turf, it all needs to be cleaned, decontaminated, and deodorized regularly. Harmful bacteria & germs that survive in turf can be transferred to kids, pets, or anyone else who comes in close contact with synthetic turf.

Created by a God-fearing, America-loving, blue-collar synthetic turf professional, our Maximum Strength Cleaner-Deodorizer was specifically designed for artificial grass... and it smells like fresh real grass! That's right; we absolutely nailed the fresh grass scent, and dogs absolutely love it, so will you! A non-acid, ready-to-use, non-abrasive, synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer that eliminates 99.9% of all harmful and odor-causing contaminants. It cleans powerfully and naturally, easy-to-use, and is completely safe for people, plants or pets. Also great on concrete, rock, decks, patios, and more!

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Let's get the gross out of your grass so you can enjoy your yard again!