ReFresh Liquid Wipe

Freshen Your Bum & Protect the Environment With Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Foam

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Wet Wipe Alternative Products
An eco-friendly flushable wipe alternative from ReFresh Liquid Wipe!

Refresh Liquid Wipe is a veteran-owned small business and our products are Made in the USA. We stand for traditional American values, the rule of law, the defense of the Constitution, and liberty and justice for all. 

Refresh Liquid Wipe: Toilet Paper Foam is an Eco-Friendly Flushable Wet Wipe Alternative.

Flushable wipes do not break down like toilet paper and cause expensive plumbing clogs and pollute the environment.

Refresh is a zero-waste, sustainable alternative that is applied directly to toilet paper as a foam to make a custom flushable wipe. Formulated with witch hazel and aloe, Refresh cleanses and soothes and promotes good hygiene.

Perfect for at home and on the go, a must-have for travelers and anytime you want to freshen up after a workout or hike. Available in discreet personal size 50ml and household size 250ml bottles. Costs about the same per use as a flushable wipe and it won’t clog your toilet or dry out like wipes can.