Lawson's Bluff by Jeff S. Barganier

An Unlikely Love Story Wrapped in Twisting Suspense

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Lawson's Bluff Book

Barganier began writing in 1994 while employed as a broker with a global securities firm. He was widely interviewed on talk-radio programs from 1998-2000 concerning his debut novel about a young stockbroker caught in a web of international intrigue between American patriots and international human organ traffickers. He’s authored countless newspaper, magazine and blog features, including travel, art/culture, editorial, book review and legal commentary. His writing reflects his diverse background in banking, law practice, investments, teaching, politics and military. Tax-free and no shipping cost is being offered to Mammoth Nation members on his latest novel, Lawson’s Bluff.

About Lawson’s Bluff:
Terrorists attempt a multi-million-dollar art heist while America’s media distracts the world with graphic stories of Alabama hunters slaughtering hogs with dogs and knives. As fearless Jack Lawson is about to catch his thousandth boar, journalist Carla Frederick arrives to cover the hunt for the LA World News. Shocked by the “uncivilized” Alabamians with their bulldogs and razor-sharp knives, Frederick writes a grotesque, biased story about Jack that goes viral. Belatedly, she discovers the deeper story—deeper and darker than she could have ever known. Barganier has written an unlikely love story wrapped in twisting suspense.