The Rescue Effect

Apparel With Messages of Patriotism & Empowerment

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Apparel with messages of patriotism and empowerment from The Rescue Effect!

When the dreaded “China virus” hit, it became obvious how divided and lost our nation had become. The anger and ignorance displayed made it clear that our roots have been decimated as a culture.

The Rescue Effect™ was born to remind us of who we are, both as sovereign individuals within a community and country and as a country that was built to honor this sovereign relationship. So, you will find foundational American Pride messages, like the Preamble to our Constitution and The Pledge of Allegiance. Personal empowerment messages about a healthy mind and body. And yes, even some in-the-face “wake-up” messages, too.

We humbly offer our wearable messages of freedom as conversation starters to facilitate your connections with like-minded Americans and engage others who are just beginning to have questions. Let’s plant the seeds together, feed and nurture our roots, and reignite our beloved America, as she was meant to be.

Thank you all for being here and being a part of a future that only we can and must create. May God bless you all, and God Bless America.